Why is a Deposit so Important?

Rosy Recreational Inc. has established itself as a leader in the Pool construction Industry in the KW Region through an extensive “Word of Mouth” network.  With a reputation for excellence in all areas of a project, customer interest has grown exponentially.  Because of this reputation and customer interest we at Rosy Recreation are fielding inquiries sometimes up to two years in advance of a project.  We book on average 12 to 13 months ahead of an installation date.  No different than trying to get in to one of Wolfgang Puck’s Restaurant’s you are going to have to wait for a reservation.  Differing from top restaurants, there is no jumping the queue if you have connections or hold status in the community.  We run a simple first come, first serve system.

What a deposit does is confirm and hold that spot for you.  So if you are first to come a long in March and sign a contract in 2016 for an install in 2018, you guarantee yourself to be first in line for a Spring install in 2018.  Everyone wants a spring install!  However, if you stay seated on the fence unsure of a commitment, 25 people may come along, put a deposit down and usurp your position. It is not good enough to be an early bird; you need to put a deposit down to ensure that you get the satisfaction of being first in line.

If you come to us in November, expect a late summer or fall installation.  Timing and commitment are important if you want to get your needs met.  Once, committed you can be sure that we will take care of everything else for you and equally provide timing and commitment.  From start to finish we make the process as pleasing as possible.  Construction jobs don’t have to be a frustrating experience. It is our mission to provide …

·         Timely and Thorough Customer Care.

·         Superior and Unique Designs.

·         Clean and Organized Jobsites.

·         Speed and Commitment to Timelines.

If you are not exactly sure what you want but know you want us, put a deposit down.  We can work out the details later.  If you are worried, your circumstances might change and you won’t be able to go ahead with the project next year, put a deposit down.  A deposit is 100% refundable.  There is nothing to lose, except your place in queue if you don’t put a deposit down. Your satisfaction is in your hands.  With a deposit you are deciding on satisfaction.

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