How to Avoid a Pool Install Horror Story

We’ve all heard of those horror stories where someone has invested tens of thousands of dollars into a home renovation.  There are too many things that can go wrong.  Can you imagine getting sued by your neighbours because your pool leaked and flooded their basement?  Or what if the project started and then never finished, so your backyard is in disarray for over a year?  I’m sure you could share many stories that circle around.  So how can you prevent this?

  1. RESEARCH: I can’t stress enough “Buyer Beware”!  Do your homework.  Check out, reviews, Google / Yelp / Facebook or other platforms for comments. While it is true that one comment doesn’t portray a business fully.  10 comments or more have merit.
  2. B.B.: Go to the Better Business Bureau and sift through complaints or rankings.    If there have been complaints through the Better Business Bureau, read them thoroughly.
  3. WORD OF MOUTH: If you have friends that have had a pool installed, ask them about their experiences and who they would recommend.
  4. POOL & HOT TUB COUNCIL OF CANADA: You may not know that this council exists. Find out if the potential contractors our members.  The Council maintains high credentials for memberships and will remove a member for ethical infractions or poor service.  Go to their website and search for members in your area.
    1. TIMING: If multiple companies are telling you that their next available install dates are months away and one contractor say’s he can squeeze you in next week. Ask yourself Why? Why is this company not busy?  If customers are willing to wait for 6 months or book a year in advance, it tells you that they’ve done their research and are willing to wait for quality.  A contractor that is not busy, may not be worth the risk of long-term dissatisfaction for short-term promises.
    2. PRICING: If multiple companies give you prices at relatively the same price point and one company undercuts the rest by thousands, ask yourself, why?  Saving a few thousand dollars often results in paying out way more in the long run to repair shoddy work.  It’s not worth it.
  6. ASK QUESTIONS: Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Any professional will be used to fielding customers concerns and questions and be able to answer you directly. Don’t let flashy sales pitches and overly technical phrases sway you.
  7. ONE STOP SHOPS: While it may seem like a more convenient idea to go with a company that offer’s a “we do everything” operation, that doesn’t necessarily mean we specialize in anything.  Sometimes, (not always) going with a company that specializes in only swimming pools means they are doing them frequently and have honed the skills as opposed to a company that does a lot but isn’t specifically skilled at any one thing.

Getting a pool should be a dream come true not the never-ending nightmare!

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