Rosy Recreational is a Grand latham Fibreglass Swimming Pool Dealer With each new challenge, we bring years of experience and a tradition of excellence.

At Rosy Recreational it is our mission to provide each customer with exceptional service at every stage of the project.  Throughout the entire project we offer support and the utmost professionalism.  We execute each project in a timely manner always maintaining an immaculate job site to minimize the discomfort of construction to your family.  Each customer has access to support that is responded to with speed and care. Each customer has a point of contact on job site that is highly trained and professional. Each customer has direct contact with the president of the company who meets with every customer before, during and after the project’s completion to guarantee satisfaction down to the smallest detail.  It is through years of superior service that has built our company up by word of mouth for excellence in the industry.

We often book several months to years in advance.  We recommend pre-planning 9 to 12 months in advance of the month you are hoping to have your pool installed.  Even if there is still snow on the ground the initial meeting to discuss ideas, get your quote, give a deposit and sign contract to hold your spot in the queue will ensure that the whole experience is stress free and pleasurable.  Even if you are unsure of the details, you can relax knowing the spot is held and you have plenty of time to pick the pool of your dreams.

    • It is your guarantee of exceptional quality and outstanding service.
    • Members abide by a strict Code of Ethics.
    • Members follow industry guidelines, standards, and codes.
    • Member companies operate with a valid clearance certificate issued by the provincial workers’ compensation agency.
    • Member companies produce proof of General Liability insurance coverage.
    • Members are knowledgeable and continually upgrade their skills through educational programs offered through the association.

The sealant used on Stamped Concrete does make the concrete slippery.  However, there is an additive that can be added to make is slip resistant.

We require a 10% deposit and a signed contract to reserve your spot in queue. We can’t hold spots for unconfirmed installations to maintain scheduling for all parties. Deposits are fully refundable until the pool has been ordered.

You are responsible for obtaining a permit from your local office. A basic drawing of your backyard plans or a lot plan, and our quote should suffice. We take care of the locates. Contact your City Offices for assistance.

1. Permit $300 – $600
2. Electrical (up to 30’ from Panel) $1,750 – $2,000 approximate
3. Gas (up to 40’ from Meter) $800 – $1,300 approximate
4. Water $660 – $100 approximate.
5. Larger Crane for difficult access $3,500 – $4,000

1. For fencing we recommend…
Edil Steel Mfg: Ken 519-249-0909

2. We highly recommend that you get multiple Landscaper’s quotes. We recommend…

Bromar Landscaping: Scott 519-778-2430
RS Land Con: Evan Short 519-400-8489
RS Land Con: Kelly O’Dwyer 647-239-0509
Retaining Walls must be completed prior toour scheduled dig date. We highly value timeliness and quality of service. Please contact them directly for a quote on any of the following:

a. Retaining Walls
b. Excavation and Garden
c. Stone Work
d. Cabana’s
e. B.B.Q. Areas

3. As stated in our Contract, our Electrician and Gas Fitter will provide services. Rosy Recreational will schedule these individuals to match our timeline. They will provide you with a quote prior to project commencement and will bill you directly.

4. Rosy Recreational will contact on your behalf  Al Stone Water Service or Bright Water for water delivery. They will quote and invoice you directly.

1. Quotes will be sent out within 24 to 48 hours. We will provide multiple quotes, so you can compare costs and features. Contact Stacy Sheasby at
2. Consultations with Rob average 45 mins to 1 hour in length to allow for detailed recommendations of pool size, shape, type, features, and equipment. A finalized quote and the details of the project can then be formalized.
3. A reservation deposit can be made after your in-home consultation.
4. At the beginning of the season a more specific estimate of installation timing will be provided with a 10-day window to allow for weather or other unforeseen circumstances.
5. Arrange for all Landscaping requirements to be completed prior to our installation window, if possible.
6. You can get your permit up to 6 months ahead of your project commencement. Please forward a copy to Stacy once you have obtained it. It is highly recommended to get a Pre-Pool Inspection where available.
7. Steve will come to Layout the pool location, 1 to 10 days prior to installation date.
8. Fibreglass Pools from start to finish are generally completed within 3 to 4 weeks. We strive to be completed early if possible.

Once all payments have been received by Rosy Recreational, Backyard Resorts will handle and manage all warranty issues. It is highly recommended that you use Backyard Resorts to maintain water sampling, and to open and close your pool yearly to ensure all parts and equipment are winterized correctly and therefore prevent any damage.
Should any damage occur:

DO NOT THROW OUT the damaged goods. Photographic Evidence is required for claims.
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Cambridge ON
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