Choosing A Pool Builder

Choosing A Pool Builder

If you’re thinking of getting a pool, schedule an appointment with a pool contractor.

Timing is important, many builders have a busy season and a slower time of year which pretty much follows the swim season. Therefore, for best service, contact the builder in the beginning of the calendar year. Waiting until May 24th to start the process and hoping for a July 1st Pool Party is just not going to work in most cases.

It’s highly unlikely any reputable builder will have your pool finished for you to enjoy all summer and in some cases, maybe not at all. It’s like ordering a pizza during halftime of the Super Bowl. Think you’ll have that pizza before the game’s over? The idea is to start talking to a pool builder now.

Things to consider when choosing a pool builder:

  • Are they established in the community? Ties to your local community mean the contractor is committed to building and maintaining a positive reputation.
  • Are they responsive to your inquiries—promptly returning your calls? They might also have an email address for you. Multiple ways to contact them help you when the contact person is ‘in the field’
  • Do they take the time to educate you on pool building and ownership?
  • Is safety emphasized?
  • Do they know anything about energy efficient equipment?
  • Do you like them? You have to feel good about the company.
  • Will they provide you references?
  • Will they let you see a job they have currently in process?
  • Is the owner of the company accessible?
  • Do they have a website that provides information and contact points?
  • How does the money flow? Builders build your pool with your money, no doubt. However, do they require 50%- 60% up front? Understand that before you start.
  • Guarantees? If they seem too good to be true, they might be. Look for quality in guarantees, not speed.
  • Are they experienced? This is a double edged sword for sure. You want someone who knows what he/she is doing but not someone who have been in a pool building rut where all the pools look the same and there is no innovation. There are far too many pool builders with ’20 years+ experience’ who stopped learning anything after about 5 years. Imagine you have someone doing it the way it was done 15 years ago.
  • How is the pricing? Pool builders pricing is about the same wherever you go, so don’t fixate on price. Choose the builder that you are comfortable working with. Whether it is a little more or less shouldn’t be the overriding concern. Also, if you find yourself choosing based on price you haven’t found the builder for you. Price buying is used because it is, obviously, quite quantifiable. When you are choosing on price you really should think about continuing your search for the right builder for you.

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