Landscaping & Concrete

Our relationship with Concrete Impressions go over seven years, they specialize in decorative concrete, they offer you the right ratio of products and support services to ensure you’re installing a total precision concrete flooring system with the right color and acid stain to have your custom patter. Every job is customized, and suited to meet our customers’ needs, & reflect their vision.


One of the pillars of the business is professional patio installation, the perfect complement to all of the services and projects. A great patio begins with a solid foundation. Concrete is much more than a bag of powdered stone mixed with just the right amount of water. With the exciting new coloring and texturing technologies now at work, concrete can create a cohesive look across your entire property.


From driveways and walkways coordinated to match your home’s exterior design and colours, to patios and retaining walls that blend naturally into your landscaping designs, concrete installation can be elevated to an art form in the right hands of our professional company.